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Title:Grey's Anatomy
Genre: Drama
Air Date: 2019-09-26
Season Number: 16
Total Episodes: 21
Stars: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), Vanessa Bell Calloway (Lucinda Gamble)
Production Co: The Mark Gordon Company, ShondaLand, ABC Studios, Touchstone Television
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Episodes List

Nothing Left to Cling To

Episode 1 : Nothing Left to Cling To

Meredith, Richard and Alex must deal with the...
Back in the Saddle

Episode 2 : Back in the Saddle

The doctors operate on a man who crashed into...

Episode 3 : Reunited

A patient at the hospital is brain dead after...
It's Raining Men

Episode 4 : It's Raining Men

After Meredith inadvertently stirs up negative...
Breathe Again

Episode 5 : Breathe Again

Meredith has a court hearing after skipping out...
Whistlin' Past The Graveyard

Episode 6 : Whistlin' Past The Graveyard

Alex enlists Richard to help distract investors...
Papa Don't Preach

Episode 7 : Papa Don't Preach

Catherine is back in town and has no idea...
My Shot

Episode 8 : My Shot

Meredith faces the medical board as her future as...
Let's All Go to the Bar

Episode 9 : Let's All Go to the Bar

Jo becomes a safe haven volunteer and gets a call...
Help Me Through the Night (II)

Episode 10 : Help Me Through the Night (II)

Following the car crash at Joe’s Bar and...
A Hard Pill to Swallow

Episode 11 : A Hard Pill to Swallow

Richard finds out Maggie quit Grey Sloan and is...
The Last Supper

Episode 12 : The Last Supper

Jackson creates an uncomfortable situation when...
Save the Last Dance for Me

Episode 13 : Save the Last Dance for Me

DeLuca can’t figure out what’s going...
A Diagnosis

Episode 14 : A Diagnosis

DeLuca is irritated after Meredith takes over his...

Episode 15 : Snowblind

Meredith and Carina question DeLuca’s...
Leave a Light On

Episode 16 : Leave a Light On

Bailey and Ben face a huge, life-altering...
Life on Mars?

Episode 17 : Life on Mars?

A wealthy inventor arrives at Grey Sloan and asks...
Give a Little Bit

Episode 18 : Give a Little Bit

Meredith heads up a pro bono surgery day, but the...
Love of My Life

Episode 19 : Love of My Life

Richard preps to present his PATH pen at the LA...
Sing It Again

Episode 20 : Sing It Again

Owen and Link treat an older woman who wakes up...
Put on a Happy Face

Episode 21 : Put on a Happy Face

Link tries to convince Amelia to take it easy...