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Title:Grey's Anatomy
Genre: Drama
Air Date: 2009-09-24
Season Number: 6
Total Episodes: 24
Stars: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), James Pickens Jr. (Richard Webber), Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), Vanessa Bell Calloway (Lucinda Gamble), Nazanin Boniadi (Amrita)
Production Co: The Mark Gordon Company, ShondaLand, ABC Studios, Touchstone Television
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Episodes List

Good Mourning (1)

Episode 1 : Good Mourning (1)

The hospital staff is left to deal with the...
Goodbye (2)

Episode 2 : Goodbye (2)

Everyone is struggling after losing one of their...
I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me

Episode 3 : I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me

Several weeks after her near-death experience, a...
Tainted Obligation

Episode 4 : Tainted Obligation

When Meredith and Lexie's father, Thatcher,...

Episode 5 : Invasion

The residents of Seattle Grace and Mercy West vie...
I Saw What I Saw

Episode 6 : I Saw What I Saw

After a burn victim unexpectedly dies in the...
Give Peace a Chance

Episode 7 : Give Peace a Chance

When Isaac has an inoperable tumor wrapped around...
Invest In Love

Episode 8 : Invest In Love

A generous 25 million donation is offered to...
New History

Episode 9 : New History

Owen recruits Dr. Teddy Altman, a former Iraqi...

Episode 10 : Holidaze

As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's pass,...

Episode 11 : Blink

Mark flies Addison to Seattle to help with a...
I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

Episode 12 : I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

After learning of Richard's drinking problem,...
State of Love and Trust

Episode 13 : State of Love and Trust

As Derek begins his role as interim chief, he...
Valentine's Day Massacre

Episode 14 : Valentine's Day Massacre

It's Valentine's Day, and the doctors must treat...
The Time Warp

Episode 15 : The Time Warp

In his new role as Chief, Derek restores the...
Perfect Little Accident

Episode 16 : Perfect Little Accident

When famous surgeon Dr. Harper Avery is rushed to...

Episode 17 : Push

A patient who needs an extremely difficult...
Suicide is Painless

Episode 18 : Suicide is Painless

When Teddy's patient seeks to end treatment and...
Sympathy for the Parents

Episode 19 : Sympathy for the Parents

When Alex's younger brother, Aaron, shows up at...
Hook, Line and Sinner

Episode 20 : Hook, Line and Sinner

Sloan returns to Mark's apartment, just as she's...
How Insensitive

Episode 21 : How Insensitive

Bailey preps the team with mandatory sensitivity...
Shiny Happy People

Episode 22 : Shiny Happy People

An elderly patient admitted into the E.R. for a...

Episode 23 : Sanctuary

Seattle Grace Hospital is hit with a crisis like...
Death and All His Friends

Episode 24 : Death and All His Friends

Cristina and Meredith's surgical skills are put...