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Title:How to Get Away with Murder
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Air Date: 2014-09-25
Season Number: 1
Total Episodes: 15
Stars: Viola Davis (Annalise Keating), Billy Brown (Nate Lahey), Jack Falahee (Connor Walsh), Rome Flynn (Gabriel Maddox), Aja Naomi King (Michaela Pratt), Matt McGorry (Asher Millstone), Conrad Ricamora (Oliver Hampton), Amirah Vann (Tegan Price), Charlie Weber (Frank Delfino), Liza Weil (Bonnie Winterbottom)
Production Co: ShondaLand, ABC Studios
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Episode 1 : Pilot

A ruthless defense attorney and no-nonsense law...
It's All Her Fault

Episode 2 : It's All Her Fault

Annalise takes on a new client, Max St. Vincent,...
Smile, or Go to Jail

Episode 3 : Smile, or Go to Jail

Annalise helps Paula Murphy, a suburban soccer...
Let’s Get to Snooping

Episode 4 : Let’s Get to Snooping

Annalise and her students uncover a shocking...
We're Not Friends

Episode 5 : We're Not Friends

Annalise takes on a tough case defending a minor...
Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole

Episode 6 : Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole

A case gets personal for Annalise and the team...
He Deserved to Die

Episode 7 : He Deserved to Die

Annalise and the team are focused on...
He Has a Wife

Episode 8 : He Has a Wife

The team represents a mother who's on trial for...
Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

Episode 9 : Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me

It’s the evening of the bonfire and we...
Hello Raskolnikov

Episode 10 : Hello Raskolnikov

It’s the day after Sam’s murder and...
Best Christmas Ever

Episode 11 : Best Christmas Ever

School is back in session after the holiday break...
She’s a Murderer

Episode 12 : She’s a Murderer

A stunning discovery in Sam's murder case leads...
Mama's Here Now

Episode 13 : Mama's Here Now

Annalise is wracked with guilt and turns to an...
The Night Lila Died

Episode 14 : The Night Lila Died

In flashbacks, we start to piece together what...
It's All My Fault

Episode 15 : It's All My Fault

Wes, Connor, Michaela and Laurel may have dug...