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Title:How to Get Away with Murder
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Air Date: 2018-09-27
Season Number: 5
Total Episodes: 15
Stars: Viola Davis (Annalise Keating), Billy Brown (Nate Lahey), Jack Falahee (Connor Walsh), Rome Flynn (Gabriel Maddox), Aja Naomi King (Michaela Pratt), Matt McGorry (Asher Millstone), Conrad Ricamora (Oliver Hampton), Amirah Vann (Tegan Price), Charlie Weber (Frank Delfino), Liza Weil (Bonnie Winterbottom)
Production Co: ShondaLand, ABC Studios
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Episodes List

Your Funeral

Episode 1 : Your Funeral

Annalise selects students for her new legal...
Whose Blood Is That?

Episode 2 : Whose Blood Is That?

Annalise preps to defend her first class action...
The Baby Was Never Dead

Episode 3 : The Baby Was Never Dead

Annalise and Emmett defend a wealthy CEO accused...
It's Her Kid

Episode 4 : It's Her Kid

Annalise and Nate look to get Nate’s dad a...
It Was the Worst Day of My Life

Episode 5 : It Was the Worst Day of My Life

After Annalise chooses Gabriel as her second...
We Can Find Him

Episode 6 : We Can Find Him

Annalise receives a call from Governor Birkhead,...
I Got Played

Episode 7 : I Got Played

Connor and Oliver attempt to secure a church for...
I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die

Episode 8 : I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die

Connor and Oliver's big wedding day has arrived,...
He Betrayed Us Both

Episode 9 : He Betrayed Us Both

Now that Connor and Oliver have tied the knot,...
Don't Go Dark on Me

Episode 10 : Don't Go Dark on Me

As the investigation into Miller’s murder...
Be the Martyr

Episode 11 : Be the Martyr

Nate is on a mission to prove he was right about...
We Know Everything

Episode 12 : We Know Everything

Nate and Annalise both need to keep Gabriel close...
Where Are Your Parents?

Episode 13 : Where Are Your Parents?

Annalise gathers everyone together for the...
Make Me the Enemy

Episode 14 : Make Me the Enemy

Annalise is determined to get to the truth about...
Please Say No One Else Is Dead

Episode 15 : Please Say No One Else Is Dead

Annalise and her team need to get to the truth...